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At Net Zero Hedge, we aim to deliver robust, sustainable projects with predictable results you can count on.

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Net Zero Hedge is a leader in taking action on climate change. We are expert at uncovering  emerging, advanced as well as proven green and blue technologies, which are unparalleled within industry vertices. Our extensive experience ensures that your investment dollars are being used in collaboration with some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies in the world today. Additionally, our projects are supported by reliable, data-driven, and scientifically sound metrics and methodologies.

Green Real Estate

Buildings that are designed and operated with environmentally friendly principles, such as energy and water efficiency, can generate higher returns for investors. The yield for green real estate investments can vary depending on the location, the property type, and the quality of the asset, but it can range from 5-10%.

Green Bonds

These bonds are issued by governments, municipalities, and corporations to finance environmentally friendly projects such as clean energy, sustainable transportation, and green infrastructure. Yields on green bonds can vary depending on the credit quality of the issuer, but they are generally similar to yields on traditional bonds

Renewal Energy Bonds

These bonds finance the construction and operation of renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plants. Yields on these bonds can vary depending on the creditworthiness of the issuer, but they generally range from 2-5%

By comparison...


  • The yield on a 10-year US Treasury bond is currently 3.53%
  • The yield on a 10-year German government bond is 2.3%
  • The yield on a 10-year US corporate bond is currently 5.52%


Our Partners

Ampio Verde

$2B in committed funding


Laboratory areas of focus…

Agricultural, Air & Emissions, Carbon, Conservation, Food Products, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Soil, Water

FOD Enterprises

Carbon Registry, Project Developer, Clinical Trial Sponsor, Verification Body


Fund Management

Green Bond Projects

Green Bond Project Management 

Verified Green Bond Offset Projects

Kompo Green Inc.

Solution Stack 

Nutraceutical, API Developer, Pharmaceutical, FDA Consulting, Import / Export, Validation Body, Government Contracting

Blue Bond Projects

Blue Bond Project Management 

Verified Blue Bond Offset Projects

Net Zero Hedge 

We are excited to be a part of the solution for a sustainable future. We believe return potential is just as great as the impact we are making…  


We partner with innovative and ambitious organizations at the forefront of developing game-changing solutions for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. By investing in early-stage companies that have yet to bring their products or services to market, we’re able to provide our investors with the opportunity to be part of something truly revolutionary and tap into the potential for substantial growth and returns. We are excited to be a part of the solution for a sustainable future and we believe that the potential for returns is just as great as the impact we are making.  


Our approach to fund management is focused on maintaining robust margin defense strategies. We only pursue projects with established margin defense pillars or the necessary framework to develop them. Our team conducts thorough research to identify opportunities for exponential growth for shareholders and investors.


Our management team boasts over 100 years of combined expertise and our hands-on leadership approach ensures reliable and practical advice for our clients.  


Unlock your green economic advantage today!


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